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Orange Phones and Accessories

Antennae for all Networks 900MHz and 1800MHz

Connectors RF and DC

Company Background
WPP Ltd has been in existence since 1993.  It started primarily as a consultancy company and the telecommunications section grew out of that.  Based in Hemel Hempstead it offers project management services to both Public and Private sectors as well as providing telecommunications solutions.

We were amongst the first of the suppliers of Orange phones and accessories via the Internet, over 70% of our business in this area is repeat orders from existing customers or customers recommending us to friends and colleagues.

There are a number of excellent Orange related sites on the Web, either from Orange itself, from Nokia.  There used to be an unofficial Orange site at Manchester University which was particularly good but much of its content was absorbed into the real Orange site and it is currently dormant.  Robert Goodwin started both the site and the Orange Mailing List (which is well worth subscribing to for news and discussion about Orange). 

What we have included on this site are some articles you won't easily find anywhere else on:-

Battery care and technology.

Mobile phone antennae. 

DC connectors for low voltage use.

Antenna applications - solutions to some common problems.

UK Fixed telephone wiring guide and notes on using non - UK phones in the UK.

ISDN and Cat 5 wiring diagrams.

For those of you who want to know what the inside of your phone is like there are some pictures of it here .

Incidentally you probably noticed on your way in that we host Riverside (Independent Financial Advisers) on this site.  They are well worth a visit before you leave.   They have certainly provided us with an excellent service (and no -  I don't get a commission from them!).