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Orange offer differing levels of dealer commissions depending upon the Talk plan adopted,  we are therefore able to offer different prices to our customers depending upon the Talk plan chosen.  The dealer prices from Orange tend to change from month to month (the prices usually change in the first day or two of the month) so please contact us to confirm prices.

Which is the best Talk Plan for me?

If you use less than about 130 minutes of peak calls a month or 140-180 minutes of mostly peak with some off peak then Talk 30 is the best option.  If a fair number of calls are at weekends then Talk 30 plus the Weekend option (which costs you 2.94 extra  month and gives you all weekend calls at 5p a minute) is worth considering.

Higher Talk plans follow the same logic - you need to be consistently going over your monthly inclusive minutes by about 10-20% before considering going to the next plan up. 

It is worth remembering however that Orange frequently run special promotions to encourage users to join at Talk 120.  Normally these require you to stay on that talk plan for a minimum of 3 months but even so with the lower phone cost and the special offer prices (typically a months free rental) it can be no dearer (and often cheaper) than Talk 30 for that 3 month period while offering you 4 times the talk time.     You just have to remember to review your usage just before the 3 month point and select the right plan with which to continue.


GroupTalk is a scheme which allows you to have two phones (only two) on one account and to share a pool of minutes eg 120 or 400 minutes between the phones.  It is slightly cheaper than one Talk 30 and one Talk 120 (for GroupTalk 120), and a bit more expensive than two Talk 30's.  Its main advantage though is that the second phone pays no connection charge, and that the airtime minutes are shared between the phones as used.    It is ideal for a company running a number of phones on one account or someone using a phone a reasonable amount who would like a second phone for a light user.

Full details of the Orange talk plans are available from the Orange Talk Plans page .

Changing Talk Plans

Don't forget Orange allow you to change Talk Plans without charge.  The only restriction is that if you take some special offers you may have to stay on your selected Talk plan for a minimum period (typically 3 months).  Only one change per billing month is possible.

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