Orange Accessories

We offer a range of accessories for Orange and other phones.  Our aim is to offer only high quality accessories at reasonable prices.  This page lists only a selection of the more popular items - if you don't see what you want please get in touch with us.

Remember - all our prices include VAT and delivery.

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For antenna adapters, cable and connectors please look HERE



For a general overview of mobile phone antennae have a look here .

Minimag Antenna

We stock antennae from Allgon, the well respected Swedish antenna manufacturer of antennae for mobile phones, ships, and aircraft.  At 1800 MHz the need for accuracy and repeatability in manufacture is paramount and we have found Allgon to be consistently reliable and have high quality products. Allgon antennae are sold by Orange

On the left is the MiniMag which can be used on a car or to improve the signal indoors.  It can be fitted with both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz radiators (they simply screw in place) which makes it ideal for people with both GSM and PCN phones.

Allgon Minimag Including Nokia Adapter 25.00

The Base 2000 is a bodymount antenna available with both 900 and 1800 MHz radiators.  It can be fitted to any suitable metal surface (max thickness 1 mm) and utilises a single 15 mm diameter mounting hole.

Base 2000 Including 900 or 1800 MHz Radiator, 5m RG58 cable and plug (FME or Mini UHF) 23.09

1800 MHz Colinear Radiator (for Orange or Mercury 121) 4.70

900 MHz Colinear Radiator for GSM or TACS/ETACS 7.05

Base 2000 line drawing
Base 2000
Algon Clik

The Allgon "Clik" glass mount antenna is suitable for mounting on a windscreen or rear window.   Tinted glass or coloured obscure bands on the glass don't present problems but the interface should not be fitted over heater wires or some metallic coated windows (such as some Ford heated windscreens).

Note that with glass mount antennas both the glass interface and the antenna radiator are frequency dependent.  You cannot just  interchange radiators as you can with the Base 2000 or Minimag.

Allgon Clik Glass Mount for 1800 MHz inc 5m cable and plug 19.65

Same but for 900 MHz 19.65

Window Clip antenna

The Window Clip is a sleeve dipole design and needs no external ground plane.  In a car it is simply placed over the window and the window closed to hold it in place.   It is also a good choice (with DIY mounting) for use use in houses where you want to have an external antenna (although long cable lengths at 1800 Mhz are bad news).  It connects to the phone using RG58 which we cut and terminate to length for you and a short RG174 adapter lead. (See also the power booster)

Allgon Window Clip Mount for 1800 MHz inc up to 5m cable and appropriate adapter 32.55

Car Charger




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Walk and Talk earpiece and microphone set for Nokia




Car Battery Charger (Any phone)




Leather Case (please state phone model). 


Liberator Case - Illustrated on the left.  Includes belt clip.


Car Charger


Antenna adapter cables and fittings have a page of their own HERE.


The Allgon Power Amplifier is designed to overcome cable losses in installations where there are long cable runs.  It is mounted near the antenna and gives about 11dB gain on both the transmitted and received paths.  We have used this successfully on canal boats and in houses where long cable runs are unavoidable.

When it sold for nearly 200 it wasn't usually cost effective in a car unless you had particularly long cable runs or were in poor coverage areas a great deal.  At its new price its a much better buy and worth considering for vehicle fitting.

Allgon Power Booster 40.00  ***New MUCH lower price


For those who like to see the innards - this is what is inside it.  The case is a heavy aluminium casting with RF screening mesh on the edges, a really nicely made device.


Connections are simple - power in (+12V), earth, and ignition sense (this turns the unit off after several hours of ignition off to avoid discharging the battery if the car is idle for weeks on end).

The RF connections are simply from the phone and to the aerial.