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Connectors, Cables & Tools

This section has been added because over the years we have found various tools and connectors for our own use and customers have asked us to supply them. 

We  have a number of connectors and tools you might find it difficult to get elsewhere as well as a few you might never have come across before.

This section is divided into three parts RF connectorsDC connectors and Miscellaneous Bits (which covers anything which fits under both the previous headings (such as cable sleeving) as well as anything which fits under neither.  Tooling appropriate to the connectors is on the same page as the connector.

RF Connectors include the FME connectors universally used on mobile phone installations as well as general purpose connectors such as BNC.

DC Connectors are mainly low voltage connectors for use in car and boat applications.

Miscellaneous Bits as its name suggests is all the bits I couldn't find a home for elsewhere as well as items common to both the preceding headuings.

Solder or Crimp?

You will find most of our connectors are assembled using crimping tools rather than soldering.  The two reasons for this are higher reliability and more consistent joint quality.

Crimped joints require the correct tools to be used.  Many older books, especially on boat electrics, advise soldered joints (Or worse - crimped and then soldered!).   In the days when crimping tools cost an arm and a few legs and most people made do with a rusty pair of pliers this advice may have reasonable.  However, it is simply wrong these days when good quality crimping tools are available at reasonable prices.

The advent of crimp joints combining the crimp with heatshrink sleeves makes for even more rugged and consistent connections.