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DC Connectors
Chocolate Block

Chocolate Block.  Easy, cheap and unreliable - try to avoid where possible.  Useful to keep a few in the toolbox for lashups but not advisable for permanent connections.


Scotchlok  Crimped with a pliers these allow one wire to be joined to another without breaking it.  No cable stripping is neccessary - the joint has insulation displacing blades.   Personally I don't much like them but as long as parallel jaw pliers (such as a Mole Wrench) are used they seem to work quite well.  In some cases where access is difficult or there is no spare cable they can be very useful.  The joint is not water protected though.

Commonly used for adding accessories in low voltage circuits.

Blue Bullet Blue Lucar blade rec
Red Lucar piggyback
Uninsulated Crimping tool

Crimp connectors.

Reliable and easy to use (with the right tools).  Better than a soldered joint

HOWEVER, you really must use the right sort of racheting crimp tool such as the one shown on the left.

If you use normal pliers or the rather nasty cheap tool commonly seen in kits of these connectors such as the one shown below then crimp connectors will be troublesome and unreliable.

Ratchet Crimp Tool for Red, Yellow and Blue Crimp connectors.


Yellow crimp terminals

We don't sell these!

Crimp connectors are colour coded for the diameter of wire they are to be used with.  Although supposedly standard different manufacturers sometimes quote very slightly different ranges for the crimps.

Red - 0.25 to 1.6mm (22-18 AWG)

Blue - 1.0 to 2.6mm (16-14AWG)

Yellow - 2.7mm to 6.6mm (12-10AWG)

Red sleeve crimps

Heatshrink Connectors


These rather neat devices combine a range of conventional in line and blade connectors with an adhesive lined heatshrink shroud.  Once fitted they are crimped (they DON'T use the normal red/blue/yellow crimping tool I'm afraid) and then hot air used to melt the adhesive and shrink the cover to the cable


Heat shrunk

Closeup showing melted adhesive bonding to cable producing a sealed joint.

Crimping Tool

Ratchet Crimp Tool for insulated and adhesive lined heatshrink connectors.