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Why chose an IFA?

 An independent financial adviser is not limited or 'tied' to any one company. An IFA has the expertise to choose from a wide range of financial products and has the competence and necessary contacts to keep abreast of changing legislation and new products.

An IFA can reassure his clients that they are protected by the government compensation fund and has a duty to act properly on behalf of his clients. The Financial Services Act has ensured that the concept of 'independent' advice has become particularly important. Now only two types of financial adviser may offer advice to the public:-


The tied agent who represents one company and can only recommend and sell the products of the company that employs him, for example insurance companies and most high street banks and building societies.



The independent financial adviser (IFA), who has a duty to recommend the most suitable products, having fully researched the whole market place and his client's requirements.


The tied agent represents his company, the IFA represents his client. Never before has it been so essential to ensure that you receive the right type of advice.


Why chose Riverside?

Riverside are a firm of independent financial advisers offering impartial, unbiased advice on a wide range of financial topics.The Company provides a continuing, regular service for private and corporate clients to ensure that investments and policies held continue to meet stated objectives and possibly changed circumstances. The directors, sales personnel and administrative staff have a tremendous store of knowledge, experience and expertise in advising professionals and their clients. Riverside offers confidential consultations and advice entirely without obligation or charge, the firm's income being derived from either commissions paid by financial institutions or by prior agreement on a fee basis. Riverside offers clients at home and overseas an Internet based service to overcome many of the communications problems so often encountered especially by those working and living abroad.

Services for private clients

Services for corporate clients.

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