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At some time in their life most people will be in a position to invest a lump sum of money - for example, when they retire, if they are made redundant, if they receive an inheritance, upon the sale of a business, after a compensation claim or divorce settlement, upon the death of a spouse, when an insurance policy matures, or even following a pools win! Whether a person wishes their investments to produce a regular income, to achieve pure capital growth to combat inflation or a combination of both, it is essential that they do not place all their money in the bank, building society or National Savings products. The two most important factors relevant to investing capital are taxation and the investor's attitude to risk. With the advent of independent taxation it is now essential to utilise fully all available personal 'tax-breaks' and, in some circumstances, to consider investments which pay interest without the deduction of income tax at source. As completely independent advisers, we can construct the appropriate investment arrangements to meet every individual's requirements and objectives. The most frequently used investment vehicles include:

for increasing income and/ or medium term growth from the UK and other world stock markets



for tax free growth and income. 

for conservative growth from a combination of equities, property and gilt edge stock


for a high, fixed, tax-paid, regular income


for maximising income in one's later years



for tax efficient returns


for readily accessible reserve funds


After retirement very few people are able to influence, in any way, the level of their income. It is therefore essential for every individual to ensure that, during his or her working life, adequate pension provision is made to enable the required standard of living to be maintained during retirement.
 Many people are fortunate in working for an employer who operates a pension scheme providing valuable pension and death-in-service benefits. Yet very few schemes provide retirement benefits sufficiently generous to enable people to enjoy the standard of living they might wish. Therefore, many employees seek to improve their eventual pension by means of tax-efficient 'Additional Voluntary Contributions' (AVC) to their pension scheme
 When people change jobs they frequently leave behind a 'frozen pension' in the scheme of their ax-employer. It is always worthwhile reviewing this scheme to compare the various options available, to ensure that these benefits attract the best return.
For those who are self-employed, who run their own company or who work for an employer who does not operate a staff pension scheme we can help select a suitable plan from the many pension schemes available.
 Employed men and women below certain ages and who are not members of a company pension scheme should consider 'Contracting Out' of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) and transferring some of their National Insurance Payments into a personal pension plan.

These are just four areas in the field of pension planning. Riverside offers expert, impartial advice on the best means of effecting AVC's, unfreezing frozen pensions, setting up suitable individual arrangements and the advisability of contracting out of SERPS - all factors which, if properly handled, can make a comfortable retirement a certainty.



The consequences of the serious ill health, disability or death of a breadwinner can be devastating for a family. Protection against the financial implications of such events can be arranged inexpensively and simply through life insurance, permanent health insurance, 'critical illness' insurance and hospital fees cover.Riverside can install a total protection package, taking advantage of the best premium rates and policies available.

    Income Protection

    A high proportion of the population will have periods of extended illness or disability during their working life. The sickness benefits paid by most employers and the State during such periods are, at best, very modest. Income protection insurance ensures that during a temporary or permanent period of ill health or incapacity, up to 75% of one's income continues to be paid. This type of protection is vital for self-employed people and anyone who does not have sufficient capital resources to finance sustained periods of sickness.

    Critical Illness Insurance

    This new type of protection provides a lump sum payment upon the diagnosis of such critical events and conditions as: Heart Attack, Most Cancers, Stroke, Paralysis, etc. With critical illness insurance, surviving a major illness or operation need not now mean a life of financial hardship. Such cover is an optional extra to normal life insurance protection and is increasingly being used in personal financial and mortgage planning.



People save on a regular basis for many specific reasons, e.g. future school fees, a daughter's wedding, early repayment of a mortgage, a child's 21st birthday gift, but primarily to achieve personal security. Compound interest produces the greatest returns for those who commence saving early in their working life. Clearly there is no right time to start 'putting money to work' - all that can be said is 'the sooner the better'. Likewise, there is no such thing as the 'best' savings plan, but having looked at a potential saver's risk profile and tax position, Riverside can advise on the options available such as Endowment Policies, Maximum Investment Plans (MIPS), Unit Trust Savings Plans, Personal Equity Plans (PEPS) and tax free Friendly Society Saving Schemes.  A useful site for those interested in Investment Trust performance can be found here .  (Don't forget to bookmark this site first so you can find your way back to us.)


Whether a client is seeking to purchase a house, a holiday home, or business premises, or seeks a re-mortgage on his existing home, Riverside can advise upon and arrange the most suitable source of finance and most appropriate means of repaying the loan - e.g. an ordinary repayment mortgage or an 'interest only' loan linked to an endowment policy, a pension, unit trust or personal equity plan. Lending sources such as banks, building societies and insurance companies offer a bewildering range of interest rates, packages and schemes. It is therefore essential to obtain the expert, independent advice of a firm like Riverside.


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