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The advice of Riverside (Independent Financial Advisers) Limited can be of particular value to expatriates and those working overseas.

In addition to the normal needs of the private client the uncertainties of many of the posts and the speed with which events can change make sound financial planning even more important for overseas workers than for most people.  Fundamental to your planning is establishing your Residential Status with the Inland Revenue and we have described the various tax definitions in our Tax Definitions for Expatriates.

Expatriate clients, who spend considerable periods of their lives overseas, still have UK financial links perhaps for housing, family or schooling.   Even after protracted periods abroad many posts are still insecure and often people with extensive experience in a country find they are still working on contracts of very limited duration and relying on yearly renewals.  For them it is of particular importance that they have flexible plans which can be adapted to rapid changes in their personal and professional situation.

For many contract overseas workers there is a cycle of good earnings followed by fallow periods. Sound financial planning will give those people the flexibility to cope with the peaks and troughs in their working lives.

Good planning will also ensure that you are not unfairly penalised by a tax system not really designed to cope with the person who spends significant periods overseas.

Riverside is able to use data, fax, e-mail and telephone to stay in touch with our overseas clients.  We frequently find that e-mail is far more reliable and satisfactory than alternative means of communication.   If you have concerns over privacy of e-mail we are able to use PGP to protect messages to a high degree of security.


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